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five images

●On condition that you observe the following terms, you can use any of the five images on this page for your personal homepage for free.
(You are allowed to use solely the five pictures below accompanied with KAGAYA's URL.)
【Terms for your use】

・Prior to using the images, You are required to apply to KAGAYA studio with your URL of the website on which you want to use them.
You can not always get our permission, we are sorry, in consideration of any inconvenience between the images and the contents of your website.
・KAGAYA Studio owns the copyright of the images.
・You are required to use the original images in full, while you are not permitted to remake or process them as you like.・Don't place characters and other images on an image.You are required not to damage the original images by putting letters or characters on them.
・You can not use them for merchandise products or for handing-out papers.
・You are to link the image to the top page of KAGAYA GALLERY.
・You are to attach the following note, preferably in small letters, to the image you use."Using this image needs the permission of KAGAYA Studio, so you can not re-use it without our permission."

(the Zodiac series)

(Celestial Exploring series)

Hana (- Blossoms with stars -)
(Starlit Season series)

Southern Cross
(Fantasy Railroad in the Stars series)

Family of the solar system
(KAGAYA Space series)